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Objective of this file:

The objective of this FAQ is to provide the collector of "classic" 
games information on current portable systems which have versions of these 
classic games. It is my intent to allow all those nostalgic moments to be
relived today, anywhere they may be. 
This FAQ will present answers to simple questions like "I remember such
and such game and want to play it again, where can I find it for the Gameboy,
etc." This is by no means a complete FAQ. I know there are games which exist
for other platforms that I have very little familiarity. Please email me with
information on these systems so I can make the FAQ as complete as possible. 
Also, I have little knowledge of foreign systems, so any information will be
greatly appreciated.
And now for the legal mumbo jumbo. I know part sucks for all, but I 
don't have the resources to get around any legal action that may arise from 
this document. With that out of the way.... This document in no way endorses
or criminalizes any company or person related to this FAQ. This FAQ is purely
informational, and are not the views of any corporation mentioned hereforth. 
This is a document for all to enjoy those classic games we all use to plop
quarters into.......

Table of Contents:

Section 1 Introduction
Q1: Who am I and why do you care? 
Q2: What is a "classic" game?
Q3: What systems are available to play these "classic" games? 

Section 2: What games are available, and for what systems?

Section 3: Addresses
Q What is such and such's address? 
Q Where can I still get such and such game?

Section 4: Credits

---=== Introduction: ===--- 

Q1: Who am I and why do you care?

A1: If you are reading this, than most likely you have a similar interest 
as me in wanting to relive those great "classic" games on portable 
platforms that are available today.

Q2: What is a "classic" game?

A2: There are many answers to many people. For the purpose of this FAQ, a
classic game is one (usually an arcade game) that was released generally
between 1978 and 1985. 

Q3: What systems are available to play these "classic" games?

A3: Well, there is the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sega Game Gear, the Atari Lynx,
and probably others that I can't think of right off hand. (Anyone with
more info on other machines, please let me know)

---=== What games are available, and on what system: ===--- 

Systems: Notes:

GB = Game Boy by Nintendo a = Modified port
GG = Game Gear by Sega b = Similar port version
LX = Lynx By Atari c = Non arcade port, but similar game play
CS = Coming soon
Game Manufacturer (MFR):

Name Notes MFR System(s) Date
APB Atari LX ?
Asteroids Accolade GB 1992
Asteroids/Missle Command Duo Pack Nintendo GB CS July 1995
Boulder Dash JVC GB Announced
Bubble Bobble Taito GB 1991
Bubble Bobble 2 Taito GB 1993
Burgertime Deluxe (c) Data East GB 1991
Centipede Accolade GB 1992
Centipede/Millipede Duo Pack Nintendo GB CS Aug 1995
Choplifter II JVC GB 1991
Defender/Joust Duo Pack Nintendo GB CS Oct 1995
Dig Dug Namco GB 1992
Donkey Kong (b) Nintendo GB 1994
Dragon's Lair (a) Sony Imagesoft GB 1991
Elevator Action Taito GB 1991
Galaga/Galaxian Duo Pack Nintendo GB CS Sept 1995
Hard Drivin' Atari LX ?
Joust Atari LX ?
Klax Mindscape GB, LX 1991
Lock 'N Chase Data East GB 1990
Marble Madness Mindscape GB 1991
Miner 2049'er Mindscape GB 1992
Missle Command Accolade GB 1992
Mr. Do! Ocean GB ?
Ms. Pac-Man Namco,Atari GB, LX ?,?
Pac-Attack (c) Namco? GB Announced
Pac-In-Time (c) Namco? GB ?
Pac-Man Namco GB 1991
Paperboy Mindscape GB, LX 1990
Paperboy 2 Mindscape GB 1992
Popeye Nintendo? GB ?
Popeye 2 Activision GB 1993
Q*Bert Jaleco GB 1992
Qix Nintendo GB, LX ?
Race Drivin' T*HQ GB 1993
Rampage Atari LX ?
Rampart Jaleco GB, LX 1993,?
Robotron 2084 Atari LX ?
Space Invaders Nintendo GB 1994
Super Off Road Tradewest GB ?
Super Qix (Name?) (a) ? GG ?
Super Space Invaders (a) ? GG ?
Tetris Nintendo GB 1989

-----= Addresses: =-----
Q4: What is the address of such and such company?

A4: Most game companies do not sell directly, your best bet is to contact
a distributor such as G&G Captron (800-262-7462) or VLM Entertainment
(815-434-3811). Following is a list of game companies.

Atari Corporation Accolade
PO Box 61657 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Sunnyvale, CA. 94089-1657 San Jose, CA. 95129
1-800-GO-ATARI (408)296-8400

Data East USA, Inc. Jaleco
1850 Little Orchard St. 685 Chaddick Dr.
San Jose, CA. 95125 Wheeling, Il.
(408)286-7080 (708)215-1811

JVC Namco Hometek
3800 Barham Blvd. Suite 305 150 Charcot Ave. Suite A
Los Angeles, CA. 90068 San Jose, CA. 95131-1102
(213)878-0101 (408)922-0712

Nintendo of America Ocean of America
PO Box 957 1855 O'Toole Ave. Suite D-102
Redmond, WA. 98073 San Jose, CA. 95131
1-800-255-3700 (408)954-0201

Sega Enterprises Sony Imagesoft (CSG)
2149 Paragon Dr. 2400 Broadway Suite 500
PO Box 610550 Santa Monica, CA. 95054
San Jose, CA. 95161-0550 (310)449-2393

T*HQ Inc./Malibu Games Taito Software, Inc. 
5016 N. Parkway Calabasas 390 Holbrook Dr.
Suite 100 Wheeling, Il. 60090
Calabasas, CA. 91302 (708)520-9280

PO Box 1796
2400 S. Highway 75
Corsicana, TX. 75110

Q5: Where can I get such and such game?

A5: Most of the older games are hard to find, if you can find them at all. 
Your bet bet is to try searching around at a used game place. They will
usually carry a few games. Some will be nice enough to hold older games
if you give them a list of what you are looking for. Other than that,
search buy-sell-trade places, they usually have a couple on hand. If no
luck there, try these: (Note: I am providing these addresses for the 
benefit of the reader. I am in no way endorsing individual resellers.)

* email misternd@netcom.com or call (818) 764-2442

* Try Games +. There are three locations in the Phoenix Area. Contact
Renny Mitchell. Main Number is (602)840-8866.

* Atari has Lynx stuff for pretty good prices. Their number is 1-800-

* Telegames number is (214) 228-0690. They have Gameboy, Lynx, Game 

* Beyond Games number is (801) 531-8500. Have no idea what they carry.

* Video Game Exchange (?). I have been told that they have stores in 
the Cincinnati area, and may be nationwide.

* Second Time Around. For those of you who live in the Dayton, Ohio 

-----= Credits: =-----
Much thanks to the following people, whom all made this project as wonderful
as it is:

Norman Sippel (ngsippel@iglou.com) who inspired me to write this thing, and
comments and editing were invaluable! BTW, check out his home page
at http://www.iglou.com/ngsippel/cv/cv.html :^).

If you have any questions, comments, additions, free stuff to send to me... 
uh, sorry... feel free to e-mail me (David Shaw) at leslies@sequent.com.